Tried By Fire

By: Santi Chacon
Denver, Colorado
Business Coach

A concept I have come across again and again is found in the subject of economics.  The principle of supply and demand describes that goods and services will always move to those who are willing to pay a price for it. This principle ensures that the object of a given desire remains with those who desire it most. As a consequence of the unique universal laws people will be able to enjoy and consume what they have worked hard for.

As in economics, the manifestation of dreams and goals go to the person who is willing to pay the price for it. Life has been designed to give the greatest rewards to those individuals who can withstand the heat and stay focused and disciplined under enormous pressures. There are areas in our lives that will go through the judgement of these universal forces.  Each individual is in a race with time to secure an adequate foundation. It is our responsibility to pay the price for what we value most before those hopes and dreams are swept away. If we want to thrive  financially, relationally, and in our mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being, we must pay the price now! If the rare individual can build something that withstands those pressures, those fires, those trials, the darkness; then its only a matter of time until he or she sees the light of day.

Its only after the fires in life, in relationships, in finance, in business; that we will witness the real progress we have made.  After our world comes crumbling down and after the dust has settled, we can look up to see the ruins of our hopes and dreams and new hopes of a better tomorrow and the beauty of those items that withstood the fire. We can only hope at that point that we did the right things to sustain what we felt we valued most.

A Last Word:
  • Learn And Value The Lessons That Were Delivered By Fire
  • Value Those Items That Withstood The Flames
  • Invest Yourself In Those Items That Withstood The Flames
  • Consider What You Would Fight For And Fight to Keep
  • Fight, Work, and Prepare Frantically For The Next Fire 

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