Small Business Coaching

Greetings Mr. Santi,

Before meeting you I must admit I was everywhere with my thoughts and ideals. In talking to you I was not only helped but you allowed me to put things into proper perspective! I now feel like I have control over my vision for this time and season.

I don't take it for granted, that I've been blessed to cross paths with you in this season of my life! I'll take pleasure in sending you referrals! Thank you again.

Tisha Wacays

Youth Minister
Now Faith Christian Church

Executive and Business Coaching

I just had to say a special 'thank you' for the coaching over the last few months. The changes I have made as a result of the coaching have brought peace into my daily life and allowed me to creatively express myself again in my work, with my clients and with my staff.

For the first time in five years, I am taking a real one week vacation – no work! With the new rates in place, I will be fine financially. With my better managed schedule, work will be busy before and after, but it is manageable and reasonable. With my self-care in place, I am not heading into vacation completely exhausted. Woo Hoo!

The best part of this entire experience is how I feel about me – I am delighted with living my own dream and energized by how I feel inside of me

Nichaelson Consulting

Personal Branding

Thanks for your ongoing support and assistance. I appreciate your time and interest in my progress and development. The process of growth and change is an interesting one. At times very slow, other times quite dramatic. I am moving forward and continuing to see real growth in both my professional and personal development.

John Dorian
Senior Counsel
L.L. Law Firm

Business Coaching

Since meeting Santi, I have discovered him to be a very hard working dedicated man. In credit to his personal integrity and character, his balanced level of commitment is something others would do well to emulate.

His level of organizational skills and follow through are admirable. Knowing and working with him has been an enlightening experience.

Dr. Lyle Tautfest (D.D.)

Personal Branding

Santi Chacon has taken me from "nerdie college kid" to "sales rep" to "sales manager" to the youngest "Director" of my former company. In addition, Santi helped me transition from "working for the man" to "working for myself". His knowledge in all areas of business has been instrumental for me grossing over $100,000.00 additional income in just 3 short years.

I can't imagine not having Coach 'Chacon' in my corner!

Robert Mathews
Concepts Inc.

Business Coaching

The Howard Group gave me the confidence and skills I needed to run a successful business, and I am proud of what I have accomplished. If you have a dream, The Howard Group will help you develop your skills and get you where you need to be to reach your goals.

Lisa Sanchez
Lady Catering Inc.

Business Coaching

When I came to you Santi, I was frightened about a business decision I made, that had dire consequences financially.

To this I want to say thank you Santi, for your help and guidance these past few months. It was a frightening time for me, but I knew this was a transition that I had to make in my business. Your knowledge of business development and organizational skills are what I needed. I'm very thankful for your direction in making it soooo much easier for me to make the transition I needed. Now I'm out living my life.....excited about some new opportunities.

Thanks, again, Santi! God's blessings to you!

Tammy Burroughs Bohnert
an entrepreneur under
Thriving Financial for Lutherans

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

I was sure I wanted a life coaching, but whom?

I did some research and was impressed by Santi's website, and it was the best decision I ever made. With the help of Santi and his unique guidance and support, I have been able to transform my bad habits into good and healthy ones.

I love waking up in the morning and knowing just how powerful I can be and embrace life to the fullest. My relationship with my life partner and children has improved dramatically and love every moment we share together. This has also helped me with my relationships in business, as well. Thanks to Santi and his work and powerful coaching, this is one journey I embrace each and everyday.

Thank you Santi!

Margi B.,
Lyndhurst, NJ

Business Coaching

I truly feel that Santi has the knowledge, skills, and dedication to help me along the path toward success and happiness in my life. Because of his coaching, I’m more productive, more connected, and closer to achieving my goals than ever before. He’s insightful, smart, and generous with his talents. And most important, he’s sincere in his devotion to my success.

I can’t thank him enough for his guidance and wisdom, as well as his confidence in me. I feel like I’m blazing a new path and am enjoying the trip immensely. It’s a “run to daylight.”

Charles Martie, Ph.D.
East Hampton

Executive and Business Coaching

I have worked with Santi Chacon for about six months now. His coaching expertise has been invaluable to me. He has helped me to achieve goals that I previously did not think were possible. He has a great ability to motivate and keep me moving toward my goals. I can strongly recommend Santi to anyone who wants to achieve more in life.

Ted Ashcroft
ReadyTalk Conferencing

Kumon Center of Castle Rock

Business Coaching


I am writing this to lend my recommendation to Santi Chacon’s professional coaching services. Through my business relationship with Santi I have grown to respect and trust him. Because of the importance of personal integrity, I know he is dedicated to his own personal growth and committed to supporting others in theirs. I am impressed with his commitment to learning and his ability to apply what he learns. Santi has a great talent for focusing his skills and attention on getting results.

Santi is committed to helping others reach their goals and obtaining the results they are seeking.

Dr. Rachelle Disbennett Lee, (PhD)

Personal Branding

My experience with life and career coaching with: The Howard Group has been graceful and awakening. Santi is a dynamic coach. With a unique ability to fully customize the process to your individual needs, Santi has driven results. He has helped me harness the strength within myself to achieve my goals and dreams.

Thank you for your hard work, preparation and guidance along my journey of consciousness. You are a true professional.

April Martinez
Member of the Board of Directors
Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association

Marketing/Business Coaching

As a retired VP of Sales of a fortune 500 company and current investor, I had the privilege of recruiting the help of Santiago Chacon for a company in the Business Intelligence industry. Due to Santiago Chacon's efforts with our lead generation, we had gained traction with Fortune 500 companies: such as Archer Daniels Midland, McCormick, Winn-Dixie Stores, and others.

Santi's plan and strategy was thorough and impressive. His knowledge of the lead generation process is second to none, with his help we had replaced a company that we used to outsource this very thing and brought the process in house. This provided a saving of tens of thousands of dollars for our start up company, while improving the quality of opportunities.

Santi is very passionate about his work and the sales process. He's an asset to any organization and worth the investment. I certainly recommend Santi Chacon and his business coaching services. It's an investment that will be invaluable to you and your company.


William T. Treadwell
Retired Sales VP of Sun Microsystems

Marketing/Business Coaching

In my role as Director of New Products at TouchStar, I had the responsibility of growing the revenue of newly acquired companies and new markets.

Key to my team’s success in overachieving aggressive revenue growth targets was due to Santi Chacon’s efforts with lead generation. He put together a lead generation plan to target new prospects in specific verticals that had proven historically to produce the highest revenue and derive the greatest value from our technology solutions. Additionally, he and his team provided the first qualification screening of incoming web leads.

Santi’s approach is very process and metrics oriented. His weekly readout meetings helped me to understand early into a campaign what the results were and how to adjust the lead generation scripts to maximize results.

My team enjoyed working with Santi in large part because he showed a genuine passion and professionalism. He’s an asset to any organization and worth the investment. I would highly recommend Santi and would certainly look for opportunities in the future to work with him again.


Norma Mozeé
World Mundial, LLC

Marketing/Business Coaching

Your hard work is impressive but, what really impresses me is your relentless commitment. I know you will be very successful.

Brian Smits
Global Director of Marketing

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