Your Offering 101

By: Santi Chacon
Denver, Colorado
Business Coach

I understand that I am over simplifying this subject   My goal is to provide food for thought and to encourage you to build your own philosophy in regards to your offering. I assume that if you are reading this blog and desire to start a business or perhaps have one already that you understand your offering. If for any reason your offering isn't producing the momentum that you expected, this can be your excuse to think through a couple of fundamentals. The conclusion is you should be aware of what you could sell.

Yes! I said 'SELL!' 

In the beginning of a business venture unless you have partners who know how to sell and have sufficient capital, you will have to roll up your sleeves and sell your own product or service. Experts agree that starting a business in the same industry you have experience in is a wise thing to do. Part of the advise is to get experience in the industry, more importantly get experience selling a similar product or service that you feel would be ideal in your business. (On a side note if you have an existing business that is suffering and you haven't quite focused on sales development this could be the reason why everything is less than ideal).

In relationship to developing your offering the first question you should answer: Is what inspires you the most?

A) A Product - Something tangible, physical
b) A Concept - Something intangible, non-physical

If you love the world of concepts and ideals, if you like teaching, or are a day dreamer you should choose 'A'.  If you are a believer of things only when you can touch, see, taste, and are kinesthetic then choose 'B'.

Selling a 'product' is something you can see and touch, like computer hardware or cars or furniture. Selling a 'service' is something like teaching a subject, or being a consultant, or selling life insurance. You truly have to sell people on a dream. 

Consider Your Gifts And Talents.

Ask yourself:

What are you good at and enjoy doing?

Chances are that you already know what you are good at and enjoy doing.

Now Obsess On Paper:

How can you develop this into a product or service you can offer?

This is a matter of self-assessment, commit to reading more about it, and to writing about it.  Do not second guess yourself. You should enjoy what you have to offer; it should inspire you. The fact that you are not inspired should speak volumes.

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