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Executive Coaching | Conversations
Executive Coaching | Conversations

By: Santi Chacon
Business Coach

Any platform is a good platform in assisting individuals in developing their dreams; whether it's a phone call or a note left on your Facebook profile, so remember to be omnipresent.

The following was taken from an interesting note some one left on one of my social network accounts, which sparked some thoughts I wanted to pass onto you.

John: Investor Needed: rejected a deal from Google for the amount of $6 billion in August 2010. The whole business model is just one component inside of my business plan with over 500 components. My business plan has taking me over six years to put all of the components together.

I am looking for a business investor for the minimum of $3 million going to $10 million. $3 million and Australia is ours under 12 months. $10 Million and we are in 45 counties under 24 months from the day of launch. Smashing ALL competition out of the road - FACT. Not one company will be able to compete with what I have put together over the last 6 years- FACT!

I do live in Darwin Australia, but the Business will not be based in Darwin - This is all explained in the business plan. Brisbane Queensland, Australia is where this business will be based.

Come rule the internet with me, I know that you would like to know more. So I look forward to hearing from you.

Me: To find investors you may want to consider taking your business model out for a spin, if its too expensive or too complex than simplify. Consider putting together a small business or set of case studies that you can document and began locally. You could be a genius from MIT on paper but if you don't know how to make a business work in the real world you will be laughed at:

Have you landed any customers?

The more complex a business plan or model the greater the risk that something may go wrong. You may have too many moving pieces in your equation. When you are pitching investors they should see how they will earn a return quickly, this is not quantum mechanics:

How simple is your business plan?

Investors will also consider your business experience and industry knowledge. If you don't have any experience (which might be the case) they will want to see the expertise in your management team:

What is your experience in this industry? or the experience of your management team? 

Andrew Mason (CEO of created several working business models before narrowing his opportunities down and attracting investors:

Do you have at least one working business model?

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