The Prerequisite For Lead Generation

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Business Coaching | Lead Generation

By: Santi Chacon
Business Coach


In this discussion I will give you principles and guidelines for the lead generation process. What I want to ask of you in return is for you to go over these principles more than once to decide on the implications they have on your business, and write them down. This information will cause you to think about how you should position yourself when conducting a lead generation campaign.

I should add that a dominating factor in Lead Generation Basics series is business to business lead generation vs. business to consumer; nonetheless I know this will be invaluable to anyone looking to develop qualified leads for their business. Please understand that demand generation is a very broad subject and will take time to cover.

Principle #1 Patience

As we get into the details of lead generation it's important that you give yourself 3-5 years, to see positive cash flow in your venture. You should either have funding, know a source of funding (that you can qualify for) or have a part-time business while working at a full time career to fund your business. Unless, you are an exception to the rule, you can not run a business without adequate funding. If you decide on one of the first two options my opinion is that you should wait until you can execute an effective lead generation campaign before you take on the risk. You'll know it's effective from not only the number of qualified leads you receive, but by the number of customers you acquire.

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