Revisiting Beginnings Again (Part 2)

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Executive Coaching and Goal Attainment

By: Santi Chacon
Executive Coach

In our daily struggles it is sometimes hard to remember that what we admire most in our lives or in the lives of others are the products of hard work and a dream, a vision, and passion. Dreams are the seeds of greatness. Regardless of where your are in life, what successes and losses you have encountered it is always possible to dream again or to dream bigger.

Here are a Few Thoughts on Dreams, Goals, Visions, and Sustainability:

What do Your Dreams Need?

A professional who desires to make a living creating her dream should have a goal to create wealth to sustain the lifestyle she desires. A golden rule for wealth creation is to become excellent at intention, your craft (your contribution to the world), delivering that value to those who desire it most, and sustaining your effort over the next twenty or more years.

Are You Exhausting Yourself Daily?


Are You More Mature Now in Your Attempts to Create a Balance 'Life Style'?

A professional that pursues long-term dreams must understand the importance of not giving into the notion of a balanced lifestyle too early in the process. Balance is only necessary after a person has reached success, which infers success should be defined. Compromise or sacrifice is needed on the way toward success. It is easy to focus on what is being done to create and to sustain dreams but the more important question is 'What is not being done that could make a great difference in our progress?' A professional posses the question to his or herself without defense and excepts responsibility.

Is your BUSINESS and LIFE what you have envisioned it to be?

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