The Carrot and Stick In Lead Generation

By: Santi Chacon
Denver, Colorado
Business Coach

Principle #4 Who You Are Speaks So Loudly, That I Can't Hear What You Are Saying!

As we begin our marketing activities around lead generation, its important that we keep in mind that people can read us like a book. As we are in contact with potential customers remember that it's human nature to display and to pick up others underlying motivations. As we have witnessed the motivations of used car salesmen, it's important that you are aware of things you may do, or say that may be in contrast to being a true professional, through subtleties, i.e. body language, in the tone of voice or in presentations or parts of speech, and most important in action. Your underlying motivation at this stage should be to arrive at a conversation with a qualified prospect.  Conversing with a qualified prospect will help you to understand more of the perceived needs and/or wants. If our intention or motivation is to sell at the first opportunity we get, we will seem rushed and manipulative in our initial conversations.

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