Revisit Beginnings Again (Part 1)

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Executive Coaching and Goal Attainment

By: Santi Chacon
Executive Coach

A Little Bit of Self-Reflection

Why not start from the beginning? As many other business professionals who are attempting to reach larger than life goals, I have had my share of disappointments and pain. And like many success stories I am clawing my way out, attempting to put the pieces together from shattered hopes and an agonizing loss. To say the least my year has been a constant struggle, with the forging of new skills and with the re-branding of my character. Recently, I realized I had the beginning of clarity, which came with the gift of time.

With that instant of clarity I had begun to reflect on my life as a young man; my hunger to succeed, and what I had taken for granted. I had reflected on my toil and hope. I thought about the many exciting nights of relentless work, study, and hope. I recalled the effort and preparation for those moments of opportunity.

How am I doing today? I can say my philosophy is more refined, I have a working knowledge of business and success, but am I preparing as I was as a young man? Am I hopeful while burning the midnight oil? or have I chosen balance over passion? Am I still studying as I was as a young man? Am I keeping a regimental disciplined passion? Am I all grown up now and consider zealousness childish?

What about you? Are you everything you had hoped to be?

Perhaps its time to prepare for your moment of greatness.

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