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Business Coaching | The Wow Factor
Business Coaching | The Wow Factor

By: Santi Chacon
Business Coach


A unique brand could be the difference between getting in the door and getting shut out. Branding is marketing and "Everything Is Branding".

It's A Users World

Can You Say: "Self-Expression"?

One thing we should learn from Apple is that people have a need for self-expression. The 10 billion downloads and counting should tell you something. This public gesture is as though each application is a pixel in the identity of a consumer. Folks this is not just technology but someone reclaiming her identity one download at a time in a world , in which she has to filter herself through the average of business as usual. People want to move off of buying a generic out of the box solution to purchasing something that not only reflects their unique preferences but their personality. We still live in a world of the infamous model T, in which you can have any color you want as long as it's black.

Do you have enough options so your audience can choose something that personifies their own ego?

Experiment #1

be the Chief Creative Officer

I am convinced most answers to great brands are found in the imagination. Before turning to outside help i.e. consultants, coaches, or mentors; get your right brain involved in this process and...

Slip Into Another Paradigm.

Take an art class, music class, film class, dance class, creative writing class; brush away the dust and cobwebs from any artistic talent you may have. Decide from this day forward to re-examine or reconstruct your brand. This time do it from a paradigm that hungers for self-expression i.e. the paradigm of an artist. Yes! I am suggesting that you allow your right brain to reconstruct your brand.

Through art learn to have a direct link to the emotions of your audience.

You can only give what you possess: How self-expressed are you?

Experiment #2

How Do You Create A Users' Infrastructure?

How do you provide more options that appeal to your customers? Can you say 'Partnerships'? The world is filled with geniuses who would love to collaborate if money is at stake. This means that you outsource certain options to trust worthy organizations or resell products or services.

Experiment #3

Brand and Relational Stuff

If you find yourself single or can remember the days you were single it was her looks and personality that drew you in and her character that made you want to stay. The same is true for your business: What Type Of Personality And Image Does Your Brand Exude?

Brand image is the first place people look: Does your image claim to be a hub for self-expression?

Can you get some of your best customers to help you to reconstruct your brand? so that its what they want and not what you think they want.

The Wow Factor:

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