Keep It Personal!

Business Coaching | The Wow Factor
Business Coaching | The Wow Factor

By: Santi Chacon 
Business Coach

Love At First Sight

The moment our mind connects with a solution is the moment we begin that conversation that may result in a love affair. As soon as we witness the hope of something valuable our heart leaps. At this stage the pursuit of a romance begins as information is gathered, which inches us toward something a little more serious. Although a decision hasn't been made we want to feel appreciated especially if we are planning to make a larger investment. When we speak on the phone with a company representative we hope the conversation will go smoothly and wouldn't mind feeling a little smarter and flattered about our potential purchase. We expect any feelings of guilt to be alleviated and to feel justified. We want a sample of that value without the commitment (I think we can call this a date). When we are convinced that the product or service will satisfy our needs or desires some of us may elope and make that overnight commitment.

Is It too Much To Ask?

Regardless of how wonderful a company seems to be in the beginning we will eventually hit a snag. We will eventually have a challenge, want more value, or may have important questions. When we begin to witness any type of incongruence we want the person on the other end to take it personal. When we are on our soap box we want the other person to lean in with a note pad and to take some notes, ask questions do the 'uh humm...', 'please continue..', 'okay..' but not too often only during the very important parts. During the most emotional parts of the conversation we want the individual to paraphrase back to us just to make sure they understand.

After all is said we want the representative to tell us what he will do to remedy the situation. We want him to have the authority to move forward regardless of how big or small our challenges are, since he was so understanding. When we are frustrated we don't want to be placed on hold or transfered back and forth from people who are not taking ownership of our problem. We want to feel that the company we are doing business with really cares about what we had paid them to care about.

Relationships and Emotion

All relationships are driven by emotions even if the relationship is with an organization through a product or service you had purchased.  In any relationship people have expectations, preferences, and idiosyncrasies. when these three concepts are not being met the relationship loses value.

How are you doing with understanding expectations, preferences, and idiosyncrasies of your customer?

The most valuable relationships are those that anticipate our needs.

It Is No Different For Your Customers!

Perhaps the best time to have a heart to heart talk with your customers is when they are happiest, which is usually just after a purchase is made. What type of conversation am I speaking about? It is the type of conversation that says you really care about  the relationship. This is a conversation that kinda sounds like a marriage or at the very least a love affair and it should. A one size fits all doesn't exist for this type of stuff. Maybe this is a conversation that says you are taking business personal. Maybe this is a conversation that gathers information to anticipate needs. The most valuable concept here is to have that conversation soon.

A Course Of Action

Well now that you have all that information what are you gonna do with it? How do you create a customer process that says we are here for you but not in a business-ee sort of way but in a personal and meaningful way.  Let your mantra be 'Keep It Personal' even when you have to break up with a customer or prospect either because they just don't think you are a good fit or they want to date your competitor...ugh!

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