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By: Santi Chacon
Business Coach

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Let's talk commitment...

Client Fulfillment

An exchange of value for its monetary equivalent is the least you should be prepared to offer. There are five precepts, in which your brand integrity can shine. Integrity as it relates to the 'brand experience' you create is a very simple concept of congruence and commitment.

Precept #1: The Process Addiction

As a consumer my expectation with every company I do business with is to have a consistent experience. As most consumers I have no preference towards spontaneity. I prefer not to have my coffee served cold if I didn't order it that way or to watch half of a movie at my local theater. I desire to have the same brand experience that I had grown accustom to. For each brand that I have grown accustomed to business processes exist with the aim of delivering that value. Likewise when a company forsakes to provide an experience market share is thwarted.

For your intent and purpose consider the consistency of a successful franchise. Well established franchises exemplify value add processes. You will have the same brand experience in your home town as you will in China. Value in this context is not something you purchase rather it's an experience that will cause positive emotions to emerge. So, how about it Boss-what emotions are your processes conjuring up?

Precept #2: Integrity In Your Service

Let's get you on the right page. Regardless of how you perceive your offering you will always be in a service industry by delivering a brand experience. The sooner you realize this the better. You have the capacity to map out and script the type of brand experience that would be most profitable to the organization. So by your own ingenuity dictate what prospects and customers feel about your brand (97% of the time) at every touch point.

Precept #3: Integrity In How You Deliver Your Offering

Alright lets talk delivery. The fashion, in which you deliver your solution should be differentiated from your product or service. How do you deliver value in your approach before you ever get to your solution? by design of course. So, what is your plan to engage your audience while you deliver your solution? This becomes a great opportunity for branding. If delivering an experience is the goal then figure it out. Your success or failure begins and ends with you and it's always a matter of creativity and drive.

Precept #4: Integrity In Your Solution

The challenge for you may not be in solving problems or driving to a cost effective solution but it might be in the instance your solution doesn't work or your pricing fails to be cost effective because of complications or negligence. Allow me to assume that since you are in business that you are learning the valuable lesson of under promising and over delivering on your commitments. You know as an executive (perhaps as the only one in your company) that the words 'contingency plan' should be part of your vocabulary and business practice regardless of how promising things look. What happens to your brand experience when (not 'if') you can't solve what you committed to solving? Can you still deliver value to a disappointed customer? The value is found in the question: 'How?' Ya think it would help your brand?

Precept #5: Integrity In All Customer Touch Points

Now we are talking about doing things intentionally aren't we? This is too much commitment for spontaneity but just enough for process management. It may be more difficult when you began relying on others to provide a brand experience; however, it is possible to deliver consistent value at every customer touch point if you map it out. Consider a few touch points that are found in every business: sales, customer service, customer support, account management, and human resources. So, where does the action happen for you and your business? and what is the best way to respond to that kind of action consistently?

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