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By: Santi Chacon
Business Coach

The Gift of Perspective

Please remember being a perfectionist is always a matter of correct perspective. Just as the golden rule would take a different perspective if you were a masochist, so with being a perfectionist both should be a matter of correct perspective. You could be a perfectionist about all the wrong things and lose your shirt in the process.

We are almost finished with this series so either you are elated or frustrated, I hope the latter.

If you are skilled in generating interest but you are terrible at converting that interest into a sale than we have a problem. Learn to get the sale. While you are in the trenches fighting for and fighting with prospects keep in mind there are three universal concepts that will assist you in making progress with your lead conversion: think process, understand the selling concept, and ask for the sale.

Think 'Process'

Where Would You Like Them?

Think strategically about what path is most effective for your prospect, what are the steps along that path, and tools you will need to lead them from point 'A' to point 'Z'. Please note that any path should began with brand awareness and should end with perfect customer engagement. If people don't know you exist they will not know that you can fulfill their needs. How do you propose to do this? Once individuals are aware of your brand how do you plan on delivering value up front? What small sales do you need to get them to a larger monetary sale? and how do you plan to keep your customers engaged in the aftermarket?

Concepts To Consider:

This process of getting a prospect to trail along until they decide to purchase needs to happen one focused step at a time. You shouldn't focus on  getting to stage 'Z' (making a large monetary sales) when a professional is only on stage 'A' (visiting your blog/website for the first time). Decide to complete each step for the prospect. When I cold call a prospect my first goal is not to get the sale or to even get the appointment, rather my goal is to ask the right person a very simple question. If the prospect engages me in a conversation regarding my question then my second goal is to speak to her on her terms. My third goal is to set an appointment. My over all goal is to stay with my prospect and to read into her needs so that I can add value, not to manipulate her into a decision she isn't quite ready to make.

Remember In Business: 'Slow Is Fast'

If you rush a prospect in making a decision that she is not ready for she may bail at the last moment or she may commit then be the worst customer you have ever had. Whatever position she falls in understand she will consume your time and steal your time from sales ready prospects  who will be great customers. What costs more: A customer who you have to babysit or a customer who is low maintenance? Customers cost money! Consider customer acquisition costs and how you can be smart about your process.  A goal in business is to purchase customers at low costs. If you are busy rushing through your process you will miss all the signs and end up spending more money on that customer then you have to spend. Take your time! Do it right the first time.

Ask For The Sale

Although asking for the sale seems daunting at times it may be less daunting than you think. Asking for the sale in this context is getting to the close of any step in your process. A 'Yes' decision from a prospect can be a decision to download a free e-book, a commitment to a phone conversation, a decision to opt in your emailing list, as well as a decision to make a purchase of some sort. In other words a 'Yes' decision is a person deciding they will move forward in a process you have created. As experts say: everything is sales. Began with your goal in mind. Be bold and creative and ask for the close.

Selling Concept

It is important that you understand what your potential consumers are seeking. What are your competitors offering? The value add that a competitor is offering prospects may be a telltale sign regarding something you are missing. When you converse with prospects; whether it's through your web presence or through a sales presentation, what are you telling them? What you think you provide and what prospects think they need may be misaligned.  Study semantics and concepts of each prospect; as with a romance she will tell you when she is ready to take the next step. The key is to keep her talking. 

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