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Our Writing Coaches

Our coaches guarantee you can get published within a year; at least one book and perhaps several books. Over the past twenty-five years our writing coaches have published over forty books. Some years they published as many as five books; published by several different publishers, some in several languages.

We can take you from your idea to how to market research your potential product, to knowing your readers so you’ll best be able to satisfy their needs. I’ll show you how to get your first draft finished in just a few weeks and then polishing it into a finished publishable manuscript and then getting the right publisher and agent to contract for your book!

More important I’ll help you find your writing style and niche or niches, so you’ll be able to establish a future readership that will keep looking for and buying your future books!

Believe me when I tell you that you can write a profitably publishable book.

You may be a professional writer looking for a coach who can help you bring your career to the next level. More likely, writing is not your profession. Perhaps you’re a speaker, medical professional, therapist, trainer, holistic healing professional, performer, business coach or someone else who has wisdom to share and wants to share it in writing. Maybe you're ready to finally write your book. Or you may want to expand your audience through a monthly newsletter or share your expertise and reach a broad public by writing articles.
  • Your Writing Coach Can Help You
  • Get Clear About Your Goals
  • Develop a Plan For Success
  • Create a System For
  • Taking Action Each Week To Reach Your Goals
  • Having Accountability To Support Your Success
  • Addressing Any Challenges To Overcoming Any Roadblocks
  • Learning From and Turning Opportunities
  • Assessing Making Changes to Plan
  • In Addition, Your Coach Has The Tools and Insight to Help You
  • Get Past Baggage That's Getting In The Way Of Success
  • Overcome Creativity Blocks
  • Prioritize Projects
  • Manage Your Time Effectively
  • Write and Get Published
  • Make The Process Easier and Effective.
  • Book Proposals
  • Editing
  • Book Doctors
  • Ghost Writing
  • Business Marketing Consulting
  • Media Training
  • Book Proposals
  • Online Courses
  • Home Study Programs

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