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Screenplay Coaching and Consulting

Our job, as a consultant, is to identify, analyze, and help solve script problems and almost all scripts do have issues and areas to address in a rewrite, ranging from structure, integration of theme, character dimensionality and having a clear character spine of motivation and action and their goal, issues of style, creating cinematic images, etc. I write a report and identify the area to address in the rewrite, and give possible solutions for the writer and examples of ways to approach the rewrite.

Script Overview

Includes 10-12 pages of notes. The notes include an analysis of structure, story, character, and theme, plus comment on what works, what doesn't work, and how to strengthen, tighten, and clarify the work.

Additional read with polish notes after rewrite.
Script Treatments

Script Overview Plus Script Notes

Includes the above, plus written notations on the script. Script Notes includes suggestions for scenes that could be cut or condensed, dialogue that could be clearer, possible character changes and where to insert story changes.
  • Additional Read With Polish Notes After Rewrite:
  • Script Breakdown
  • Script Consultation from Early Draft Into Production
  • This includes:
  • Consultation on Treatment and Outlines
  • Complete Script Breakdown Service
  • Top Priority Status
  • Availability Through First Week of Production
Occasionally writers, producers, directors, and executives want a reading of a script, to determine whether it's worth pursuing for consultation. This service includes a reading of the script and a one page report on commerciality, general strengths and weaknesses, and a recommendation about whether to proceed to a consultation.
  • Sit-com scripts
  • Series scripts
  • Series Bible
  • Production Consulting
For consulting on script through two or more drafts, then to rough cut of the film and availability in pre-production, production and post-production. - Includes up to four additional reads with polish notes at no extra charge.

Script Integration

Sometimes producers or writers need to integrate two different drafts, choosing the best of both but it's difficult to see the forest for the trees when integrating scripts. This service includes cutting and pasting and, if necessary, re-structuring the script to use the best of two different scripts.

Script Cutting

Sometimes writers need to cut a script down to size, but have difficulty seeing what should be cut, and what needs to remain. This service includes the cuts on the script, and annotations for any writing that the writer will then need to add or rephrase.

Additional Services
  • Script Meetings (In Cascade, Colorado, or Los Angeles)
  • In-person or telephone consultations
  • Adaptations
  • Reading Source Material
  • Breakdown of Source Material
  • Production
  • Attending staged reading, taking notes, one meeting
  • Post-Production
  • Editing notes for rough cut
  • Script Meetings
  • Adaptations
  • Reading Source Material
  • Breakdown of Source Material
  • Production
  • Attending Staged Reading, Taking Notes, and One Meeting

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