Thought Leadership Coaching

Become a Business Guru

Take your business to the next level! A "magic bullet" does exist!
  • Become THE guru in your field
  • Learn how to publish articles and even a book!
  • Become a recognized public speaker
  • Create a "client community" so you can raise your fees
  • Use the internet creatively, wisely and effectively!
By becoming a "thought leader" in your target market, your business life will change forever. No more boom-and-bust, no more getting battered by the economy, no more losing out to your competition.

Your "expert's edge" can push your business to the next level and keep you there. As a recognized thoughtleader, you'll blow your competition away, make much more money, keep customers coming back and sending you new ones.

Whenever entrepreneurs of any kind gather to network or chat, the first question of consequence tends to be: “How do you find your customers?” This might also be phrased as “How do people hear about you?” or “How do you market your services?” or “How do you generate leads?”

Typically, shared responses cite “referrals,” “word of mouth” and “networking” as best bets, with “cold calling” and “advertising” as loathsome, but for some a necessary evils. And when new customers do come around, all agree, they may bolt without warning toward a better deal across the street. It’s a frustrating and constant game of catch-up, missed goals, back-to-the-drawing-board… perpetual boom and bust!

For some, even adherence to marketing and sales “best practices” and common wisdom fails to change things for the better. Thus few new, good ideas are offered as talk drifts to other matters as the topic of business development gets shelved… once again.

Yet a magic bullet does exist! It’s called the “expert’s edge,” the principles of which have been packaged within a coaching program. We will provide a comprehensive guide, The Expert’s Edge outlines little-known yet proven techniques that can lift entrepreneurs and their companies to the top of the heap.

Employing five simple but powerful “thoughtleading pillars,” you’ll discover ingenious channels that helped legendary thoughtleaders like Harvey MacKay, Martha Stewart, Stephen Covey, Suze Orman and Tom Peters build empires from humble beginnings, transforming themselves personally into business celebrities and gurus.

You’ll also learn to upgrade your own business’s visibility, notoriety and distinction. You’ll get your prospects and the media to call you rather than you always chasing after them, and you’ll keep your clients and customers coming back to do business with you again and again and again, solidifying customer loyalty.

Unlike any business development strategy you’ve encountered before, The Expert’s Edge will push your firm way beyond your toughest competitors and keep you there. You’ll acquire effective and inexpensive methods for generating more and better leads, for routinely capturing new business, for insuring your professional relationships endure and prosper.

No matter what your specialty, level, experience or personal style, The Expert’s Edge will take you higher, to the enviable status of “go-to authority” that your target market must turn to every time.


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