The Strength Of A Decade

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Executive Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

By: Santi Chacon
Executive Coach

As we step into a new decade that begins January first, it's easy to slip into a state of nostalgia. If we are brilliant we may soon find ourselves considering the deaths of American icons, the advances in technology, the creation of social media, and most important our own development.

An Opened Invitation

Take a moment and allow yourself to ponder the last decade the fortunes, the misfortunes, the victories, the lessons learned, the people, the lovers, the friends, and the betrayals. Consider how much you have matured and think of anything that will work to influence your next decade.

How can you make life worth while for yourself and those you love? 

The most important revelation I have experienced recently had to do with the value that long-term relationships and projects contribute to our self-image.  Those long-term events and relationships cause the most growth to the self-image have become the most valuable. The directing of self-image growth is what propels great successes or great failures. This could translate into getting a PhD, the commitment to be a vegetarian, write a blog, bringing on a professional coach, getting involved in a mentoring relationship, or getting involved in a professional network.

The greatest projects to get involved in personally or professionally are the ones that will positively influence how we grow into the person we desire to become. Look at life as a set of projects and relationships that will forge your destiny, before getting involved in a new relationship or project ask: Who Will I Become As A Consequence Of My Commitment?

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