Interpersonal Communication

business men at meeting talking
Executive Coaching and Emotional intelligence

By: Santi Chacon
Executive Coach

How do you communicate with your constituents?
Are you communicating in a way that builds up their confidence?
Do you communicate in a fashion that leads them in their development and moves them toward your objectives?
Have you created a communication strategy?
Have you considered the typology of your audience before communicating to him or her?

Adapting Your Ideas to the Audience

It is time that you measure your message against who your audience is. A good leader is a combination of psychologist, business coach, and mentor.
  • Don’t seek a major opinion change in a single conversation.
  • Be conscious of each constituents posture, atttitude, and beliefs on important issues.
  • Make your ideas relevant to your audience by linking what you have to say to their experiences and interests.
  • Showing consistently that the topic affects them directly is the most effective strategy.
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