The Softer Side Of Business: Move Off

By: Santi Chacon
Denver, Colorado
Business Coach


Tom Peters once said: If you are not getting better faster than the other guy is getting better, you are getting worse.

Prepare for the competition of your life time. Consider for a moment that today's competition is the toughest it has ever been. Twenty percent of businesses in your industry have 80% of the customers. If you are not in that top 20%, what small changes can leverage the greatest chances of entering that top rank? What minor adjustments in skill will produce the biggest return? We often dismiss making any changes that would create our greatest competitive advantage because we are convinced the greatest changes are too expensive. I would suggest that one of the grandest competitive advantages you can create is only a matter of perception, attitude, and application.

Just A Thought

In this age of the GEEK we are preoccupied with technologies that will bring about the next business revival. We spend time and our best attempt researching social media, internet marketing, analytics, and everything else we can think of. We burn up endless hours each day trying to balance ourselves across the new technological landscapes in hopes of discovering the holy grail of customer acquisition. In this quest toward finding our competitive advantage we fail to recognize that it's those small contributions we could make (but don't) in the lives of people that will create the most leverage in our business.

The Ubiquitous Social Network

You have an opportunity to get your brand in front of virtually anyone from the comfort of your own home (GEEZ how lazy have we become?). These small attempts at starting a wonderful online and off-line conversation will evolve into something favorable as long as you stay consistent. These regular interactions build relationships, which in turn build opportunities, and often make all the difference between success.

A Concept To Consider

Out of all the people who you have the potential to connect with in your many social networks, which is infinite, who likes you? Are you building meaningful relationships? Are you the one people want to talk to about their current challenges? If you have emotional leverage people will no doubt turn to you when they are in the market for your solution.

FUN FACT FOR YOU: People will do business with people they like over someone they don't like or don't know. Be Affable!

Before you begin to converse, message, or chat with someone in your social circle a few principles should be followed that may make a difference in how people respond to you (online and off-line). These concepts will help to contribute to your brand and have nothing to do with your business, interests or anything else that is you.

(This series will provide a principle at a time remember in business slow is fast. Absorb the concept and get ready for the greatest contribution you will make to your own brand.)

Principle #1: Move Off Your Solution

Just as in a sales conversation the first precept is to move off your solution. Don't lead with your brand unless you are 100% certain that the person will respond favorably. Lead with your heart. This process has to do with the other person's wants, needs, thoughts, motives, and 'the miraculous' they can bring to your business and life. You will not be able to realize this stuff if you are talking about your brand or solution all the time.

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