The Complex Sales Doctrine

By: Santi Chacon
Denver, Colorado
Business Coach


In this discussion I will give you principles and guidelines for the sales process. What I want to ask of you in return is for you to go over these principles more than once to decide on the implications they have on your business, and write them down. This information will cause you to think about how you should position yourself when conducting a sales campaign.

I should add that a dominating factor in Sales Development Basics series is business to business sales vs. business to consumer; nonetheless I know this will be invaluable to anyone looking to develop a sales pipeline for their business. Please understand that demand generation is a very broad subject and will take some time to cover.

Principle #1 The Complex Sales Environment:

The sales development ideas that will be presented have assisted millions of professionals in developing effective sales funnels and in turn have contributed to the world’s largest organizations. There are four sales mythologies I draw my ideals from: strategic selling, conceptual selling, spin selling, and solution selling. With these tips I am only scratching the surface.

A complex sales environment, can be defined as a climate, in a business to business setting, where high dollar products or services are sold. This could translate in being a one time purchase or a recurring charge throughout the fiscal year. The word 'complex', indicates that you are dealing with influencers, underlying motivations, and complexities that only arise under these conditions.

Our approach in this type of context should be different then in that of a simple sales context. Techniques that could get us a smaller sale, in this case, could cost us the sale. Also, the higher our costs the slower our products and/or services will be sold; there are always exceptions, but don't rely on them.

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