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Business Coaching | The Wow Factor
Business Coaching | The Wow Factor

By: Santi Chacon
Business Coach

Be Anti-Cattle

We as professionals get wrapped up prematurely in our solution or even worse the sale of that solution. All to often we serve a mentality that sees people as livestock versus individuals with unique preferences. We turn on the conveyor belt mindset to push through our numbers so we can meet self-imposed deadlines. We sell and service people as though they were cattle waiting to be branded (pun intended). It is about time we move off of our solution and into the hearts and minds of people. Move off of the value proposition and into opened and meaningful conversations.

Value Beyond A Solution

Every business must begin with the ability to follow through on commitments. A CEO can not expect to be around for very long if he makes commitments that he either is not willing to keep or doesn't have the ability to keep. So, the moment executives are certain they can satisfy a consumer's needs they should learn to move off the solution first and foremost.

As business owners begin to explore the value outside the status quo of what is called client fulfillment they may come to the realization of the potential to differentiate themselves beyond the offering. And when a business has looked beyond the daily exchange of a solution for its' monetary equivalent executives will see that their clients are people who desire something more meaningful then a transaction. The challenges or goals that bring people toward a solution are personal. At a time in which companies attempt to live and die by 'client fulfillment' there is a deep need that customers' have for something greater that they may not even be aware of.

The Market of Feeling Special

To move past the monotony of the daily grind professionals want to feel acknowledged and important. Consumers not only want to feel they received the best solution from the best company at the best price but they want it delivered with emotional intelligence and great service. Consumers want to feel as though people are going out of their way to serve them. Not only do customers desire emotional intelligence and exclusivity but they also want personal meaning; they would prefer custom tailored suits or skirts versus one that is made with the masses in mind.

Can You Offer That?

How does your solution, posture, and language compare to this ideal? Are you selling a one size fits all solution? or is there congruent customization, hospitality, and the desire to really know your customer? Are your customers part of your family? (hopefully a functional family).

With these concepts in mind we will discuss precepts that may get you started. The four precepts at play here that will help you to add value beyond the status quo of what you believe is client fulfillment are: Talent, Keeping It Personal, Branding, and The Human Touch.

Stay Tuned!...

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