From Traditional to Social Leadership

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

By: Santi Chacon
Executive Coach

You always wanted to lead.

Why not now?

The landscape for effective leadership is transforming before your very eyes. Those with the most ideas win; throw enough crap against the wall and eventually something will stick.

Social Media has put a new twist on leadership and it is as follows:

Our measure of influence determines the progression and impact of our leadership. The impact of our leadership is determined by our methods of syndication. Syndication is measured by our voice, content, or message and route of distribution. The methods of distribution determine who hears the message and influences others to listen to it.

A leader must engage in the development of her voice and should work to provide thought leadership for her constituents and then work to self-promote to build upon her following.

In the beginning, social success is determined by quantity of content; in a beginner's world quantity beats quality every time. Don't be such a perfectionist; throw crap against the wall.

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