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By: Santi Chacon 
Business Coach

Every professional should have many conversations in his or her career with associates and constituents regarding business, psychologies, and trends;  new philosophies will be created and most important new self-concepts will be forged. 

This Was A Conversation That I Felt Presented New Insights:

I had a bit of an epiphany today... or maybe it is better described as a distillation of all this crap I have been sorting through.

The ONLY question everyone seems to be asking about Social Media Marketing is: 'How do I use it to make money?'

The short answer is this: social media marketing is NO different than traditional just provides more venues and high scalability.

My personal definition of the role/intent of marketing is simple: Marketing's job is to get identify prospects and get them to (figuratively) raise their hand and say 'that looks like something I might be interested in.' Pretty basic right?

Somewhere along the way, somebody decided that social media marketing was going to change the dynamics of how people buy (and how companies sell.)


Can you imagine walking up to someone at a networking event, introducing yourself, and then offering them your services at a special 50% discount if they act now?

Of course not...we all know that networking events represent an opportunity to meet new people and possibly get their business card so you can potentially schedule time to meet with them and get to know them better.

Guess what? Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc are no different thank networking events - with the obvious exception that you don't have to put on pants and endure cheap wine and crappy appetizers. Oh yeah...and he potential for scale is enormous! (e.g. you might be able to interact with 10 people at a networking event but you can message the crap out of your Facebook peeps!)

The diagram above is a work in progress but basically I am trying to integrate social media marketing into a framework that anyone can understand.... Please share your thoughts.


To be successful the objective in marketing needs to be segmentation. Any marketing effort (this includes social networking/Media) along with branding, should reach out far enough to find the low hanging fruit, or to those who are currently in the market for what the organization has to offer. If you do not think of it this way it  will be impossible to justify your time investment or to create an ROI. Companies don’t buy goods and services people do; social networking is about reaching out to people. Individuals who are reached out to can open doors for you and perhaps say ‘yes’ to your product or service.

Social Marketing embraces the concept of lead generation through branding and brand awareness; especially if we are seeking a ratio of prospects to closed sales as you spoke of in other conversations. If we are smart about business and become personal as we maximize exposure through social media, we can reach the low hanging fruit. If our intention is to segment those in the market today along with those who will be in the market tomorrow through social media, then ramping up toward our sales goals will be inevitable. The professionals, who are not able to get to the low hanging fruit using social media, shouldn’t think it’s impossible but should aim to develop necessary skills. This is not to say that we do not attempt to build relationships through long-term branding. An observation of quantum mechanics states that 'when our perception of a thing changes the very nature of that thing will change.' It is merely about breaking any limitation in our self-image and about the setting of our intention.

It really is about networking smart enough so that when you tell someone about your special they will decide to purchase it. Timing is everything in business, get in front of the right person at the right time and they will say yes. The key is to get in front of enough people all the time.

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