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Business Coaching

By: Santi Chacon
Business Coach

If we are in business for ourselves or with someone else, there are studies you can take on, in which will create great momentum. These subjects are: 'The strengths Movement" (The Gallup Organization) as well as The Keirsey Method (David Keirsey). Both would seem to come out of the Positive Psychology Movement, because of similarities in their themes. You can work with these tools hand in hand.


While we were sleeping organizations have transition from big and bulky to flat from centralized to decentralized. These businesses have moved from authoritarian leadership to authentic leadership, from hierarchy to teams, where authority is based on consensus.  Companies have moved from thinking of people as a capital expense to people as a capital investment. They moved from thinking people had produced systems, products, or services that were thought to be the competitive advantage, to understanding that people are the competitive advantage. The organizations with this curious yet fascinating infrastructure have learned to run like gazelles. All this is due to their talent other wise known as their people.

Discovery Of Discipline Mavericks

A laser focus on selecting the right candidates and with employee development infers that the attempts at seeking perfect candidates should not be sought through methods that promote generalizations but through methods that promote meaningful specifics.  Executives should discover based on a person's idiosyncratic neurological patterns (that's specific!) the right prospect for the role. As your process begins to discover the disciplined mavericks of the business world you would do well to create an environment that nurtures and motivates their genius.

When all is said and done it would seem that your people were custom tailored to excel at their roles in  your company.

Having your FREE evaluation with a business coach is a value of $500.

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