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Employee Benefits

Adding employee benefits to your business is a great way to boost incentives as an employer. This will help improve motivation, job performance, reduce absenteeism and improved contribution of your workforce; all which contribute to your business’ success.

The Howard Group provides employee web tools and voluntary employee benefits that can help your employees improve their skill set, health and fitness; and save money! Our employee benefits website features alternative benefit solutions such as health, fitness, weight management and more. Additional employee programs include an online help network, work-life benefits, employee insurance alternatives and training options. Other employee benefits include career and work-life articles, motivational pieces, self development tips, online discounts, incentives and more.

Key Employee Benefits Program Includes:
  • Employee benefits discount and work-life solutions
  • Online self-development skills training programs
  • Employee incentive programs, recognition and awards
  • Motivational, health & fitness programs
  • Alternative medical and personal insurance options
  • Easy access to community activities or programs
  • Free downloads and money saving rewards programs
  • Save time & money with online discounts on web mall
  • Travel Discounts and more…
Because these employee benefits are provided online, they are affordable and can be accessed in the office, at home, while on vacation or anywhere. All they need is a PC and an internet connection. Overall these benefits cost only dollars per week, per employee and can be processed via payroll deduction through voluntary participation, paid by the employee or employer.

The employee benefit savings and incentives featured on this website provide significantly more benefits than the cost per employee. The benefits for the business owner can be measured by more productive and happy employees with fewer turnovers.

Having your FREE evaluation with a business coach is a $500 value.

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