Business Coaching for The Professional (5 of 17) Personal Initiative

Introduction to the Series:

Business fundamentals have been the same since the beginning of commerce. The true fundamentals are not anything you do; as some type of technique, although 'doing' is in the nature of a professional. The real fundamentals are who you are, and who you become.

Since I'm a big fan of series, I want to introduce you to 17 principles in developing unshakable character. These principles will contribute to great professional success.

The Greatest Benefit

In order to receive the greatest benefit from this series: after being introduced to the character or behavioral principles, think on paper of how you can apply it in your current environment.

Don't fall into the trap of 'I already do that.' evaluate how the principle can be used more in your life. The focus is 100% saturation of each principle before moving on. Aim to have congruence of character.

This is the Fifth Personal Principle:

"Personal Initiative is that exeedingly rare quality that promps - no, impels - a person to do that which ought to be done without being told." - W. Clement Stone

...yes I know you have been doing this a long time, but have you  settled? are you resting on your laurels?  Are you answering the phone on the fifth ring? or letting the calls go to voicemail? Are your lunches getting a little longer? Do you wait a little longer to get back to customers? Are you late for meetings? Are you just not as hungry for the opportunity as you use to be?  Are you comfortable?

Professionals take personal initiative. They manage to be forgetful, meaning ever call, ever goal, every customer concern is a fresh and exciting start for them. There  isn't any carry on luggage on this trip, emotional baggage, or a chip on their shoulder. 

Whether you are an intrapreneur or a small business owner there is no passing the buck.  The professional always has a 'can do' attitude. She knows in the face of uncertainty or doubt there's nothing more called for than action in the direction of her goals. She knows that she will arrive if she puts one foot in front of the other, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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