Business Coaching for The Professional (4 of 17) Learning from Failure

Introduction to the Series

Business fundamentals have been the same since the beginning of commerce. The true fundamentals are not anything you do; as some type of technique, although 'doing' is in the nature of a professional. The real fundamentals are who you are, and who you become.

Since I'm a big fan of series, I want to introduce you to 17 principles in developing unshakable character. These principles will contribute to great professional success.

The Greatest Benefit

In order to receive the greatest benefit from this series: after being introduced to the character or behavioral principles, think on paper of how you can apply it in your current environment.

Don't fall into the trap of 'I already do that.' evaluate how the principle can be used more in your life. The focus is 100% saturation of each principle before moving on. Aim to have congruence of character.

This is the Fourth and Last of the Attitudinal Principles:

Every professional who is worth his weight in gold, has failed at a business once before. If you are to measure how far you will go in business ask how much risk are you taking? and when you do put it on the line and fail, think about what you have learned. Although you would have created a few challenges or hurtles for yourself you will have succeeded faster in the long run because of your unrelenting spirit. You will have learned more through your failures than your successes combined.

The Gift of Failure

Failure is a gift from life that provides wisdom and instruction. It provides many lessons to move you forward in your journey. You can only receive the gift if you persist; coping with our failures not only provide you with character development, self-awareness, and opportunity, but coping through failures build self-esteem. If you fail and forsake to get back up and try again, you will have wasted a failure and the gifts that come with it.

Have you failed recently?

If action orientation is the root to success, than failures will confront you on the journey. The faster you fail the faster you will succeed; as long as you continue to be in forward momentum.

It is from and through the cold winters of our lives that we are able to have the mountain top experiences.

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