Thoughts On Leadership: Be Visible

Be Visible

When all is said and done your people are going to make all the difference in your organization; the sooner you realize this the better off you will be.


A secret of leadership is 'Everyone Knows Everything'. Don't assume your people are stupid. Your constituents understand the tremendous strain you are under and how hard you are working to meet the expectations of your board of directors, mentors, peers, managers, employees, investors..blah...blah... blah, and all that seems to be at the heart of your people is how you treat them.  Don't insult their intelligence by creating excuses as to why you aren't present.

As you end your day and think you are leaving everything at the office; which will wait your arrival in the morning, your people are thinking over how you treat and value them; this begins with being visible.

Make it a discipline to be with your people regularly and witness the transformation.

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