The Softer Side Of Business: Don't Condemn

By: Santi Chacon
Denver, Colorado 
Business Coach

Leadership Redefined

We may thrive on the interactions that business brings our way, but we can often forget to lead with something meaningful. In the midst of these business interactions, we hesitate to lead with our hearts in an environment governed by our self-interest. We are afraid that if we lead with our hearts somehow we lose what matters most. This approach means that we slow down to listen to the needs of those around us and to communicate in a fashion that screams out empathy.

Who You Are Speaks So Loudly I Can’t Hear What You Are Saying

Your psychological bent toward or away from the admiration of employees and clients is always present. Your affection for those you serve is evident in your speech and actions. What do your actions and speech say about your feelings toward your stakeholders? (I am not just talking about those who pay the bills). Do you talk at your people? Are you led by your insincerities to pacify customers and employees? Do you really care about your customer and employee issues? How do you display that? And h ow often do you display your gratitude?

If your people don’t know they are appreciated, are they really being appreciated?

The Real Competitive Advantage

Consider for moment the implications on your company if you could tap into the hidden emotional and mental reservoirs that are ever present within your people. What would that mean for your business if your people had endless interest and enthusiasm for you and the product or service you provided?

The responsibility of ensuring that you interact with people in a way that makes them feel good about themselves, you, and what your company does is yours. We are not talking about good salesmanship but a presence that says: "It is wonderful to be part of your life, even if its just for a brief moment." and always beckons the question "how can I make a positive difference? This brings us to:

Principle #3 Don't Condemn

There a doubt in my mind that you know how to judge a situation, a business trend, and this is why you are earning the big bucks. Please note that the same judgment you use in a situation is not the same you use on a person. Believe it or not the energy in a relationship changes from positive to negative when people feel they are being judged. Without trust what is left? People will no longer feel safe. You don't punish or disapprove; your employees are not disappointing children. You carefully design a plan to develop your key employees and than you execute!

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