business is human: psychologies, seduction...

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Business Coaching and Social Media

By: Santi Chacon
Business Coach

Please Consider the Implications...

Business is human: psychologies, seduction, hidden motivations, power, and perception. The only differences between human nature and business is that businesses are now driven to become more transparent.

We are on the brink of something great; if we consider the implication that business is becoming more and more like human nature. The world of commerce has entered into a a dimension of social media. Social media is about deep psychological idiosyncrasies.  If we are witnessing social media in the beginning stages, consider what it will become in a decade. 

Act Like a Millionaire Maverick

Business has always been about psychologies, manipulation, power, and perception. This is the age when those individuals who have mastered the world of perception first and value second can win over those with multi-billion dollar budgets.

Let Me Say That Again...

Entrepreneurs with little to no funding have the opportunity to compete with the multi-billion dollar organizations and win.

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