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By: Santi Chacon
Business Coach

Are You Celebrating Progress Instead Of Perfection?

A key to reinforcing behavior is to celebrate, to make things enjoyable, and to have fun.  After all you are not normal you should know this because you are the only one you know of that has been wearing business suits since the age of four, has the money from your lemonade stand from the age of six, and started reading the Wall Street Journal at the age of 10. Most people don't strive toward 'the perfect' like you do.  Don't miss the fact that you are never alone when it comes to business, so if you can't have fun with this stuff for yourself do it for your employees and your customers.  They would rather have someone who is fun loving rather than a stick in the mud.

Let me remind you: As you work on your business please understand 'the perfect' will never exist; however, progress will always exist. Do not let the perfect be the enemy of progress.  Just because things are not exactly the way you want them to be doesn't mean things aren't worth while or worthy of celebration. If you can't celebrate the small victories, what can you celebrate?

Progressing Is Very Pragmatic

For my intent and purpose here I will describe progress as taking a few of these concepts we are kicking around and incorporating them into a plan. If there are things that I mentioned that stick out to you treat it as you would a technology you are attempting to implement into your business. An implementation should consist of the following stages: pre-planning, choosing a cross-organizational team to set goals and priorities, re-planning with team feedback, establishing processes and protocols, planning for problems, working with each department toward implementation, training and development for all employees, establishing opened communication, and reinforcement.


The conceptual foundation for branding is a unique message that is communicated to a specific demographic and psychographic. You want your business to communicate something to a niche market, something that is relevant to them and their needs.

Everything Is Marketing

Your business just doesn't stop at the end of the day but continues to interact with people as you pick up your dry cleaning or go to the super market, as your managers go to the movies or the restaurant down the road, as employees share their day with friends and families, as customer service interacts with customers, as customer support assists a customer in resolving issues, as sales people speak to prospects, as your receptionist greets a visitors as they see your office building for the first time, and as online visitors visit your website or blog.

So, do me a favor, I want you  to think through a few things over or maybe just revisit a couple of concepts again. Hey, have fun with this, your right brain will work much better if you do.

Will You Marry Me?

Answer the question: What type of brand is relevant to your target market? Branding speaks to the personality and preferences of prospects and customers.  This is why Edward Jones and Charles Schwab  look conservative, Starbucks is trendy, and why McDonalds has a playground. What are your potential customers and existing customers looking for when they look for your product or service. You are asking them for a date in hopes of a marriage of some sort, not just a one night stand. What romantic qualities are they looking for in a company?

What Is Your Story?

Be like a novelist; create a character profile for your company. The more in depth your company profile is, the more dynamism others will witness. It will not just be a value proposition but a living and breathing story. Revisit a movie or novel that you enjoyed. Take a hard look at a character, his or her personality, courage, sense of humor, neurosis, and narcissistic tendencies. Notice how the writer hints at pieces of the subconscious, which intrigue you and compel you to know more. The character has a complex past that shapes and molds the characteristics that unfold before you. What do you want to tell your customers and prospects? Do not think 'value proposition' just think 'story'.

Are You On The Same Page?

The next step is to create different dimensions of your story through out each department and streamline the company's personality. From your schwagg to how clean your restrooms are, all communicate your brand. Branding needs congruence. Each department, each employee, and each manager has the opportunity to tell their portion of the story. If you make the story exciting and adventurous, each individual will talk and brand your company. Chant it like a mantra, say it with me: 'Everything Is Marketing'. Be congruent from the website to how employees interact with each other and with customers. You have the opportunity to improve each person's life that comes under your influence. You have a chance to create any impression you want, so make it a lasting one.

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