Simple Leadership Theory

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Executive Coaching

By: Santi Chacon
Executive Coach

The Engaging Leader

We live in a world system that is highly governed by influence. Unmistakably, those with the most influence receive the most privilege. It is those who have learned to govern by influence who become ‘Leaders’. If we are in the business world, we must learn how to be thought leaders and how to grow in congruence with our unique voice.

Simply put, the role of leadership is to create a unique vision, voice, to develop a character that is congruent with that voice, and to find those who desire to follow our standard.

Our goal must be to move from transactional and authoritative leadership to authentic, principled centered, transformational, and servant leadership. All this means is that we should move away from ‘Just doing our job’ or ‘fulfilling our responsibilities’ (transactional leadership) or ‘calling all the shots’ and ‘micro-managing’ (authoritative leadership) to a leader that acts on his understanding of guiding principles such as the law of reciprocity, the law of love, locus of control, as well as sound business ethics and principles (principle centered leadership). We should move closer to being a leader who comes with his warts and all; who is not afraid to fail in front of constituents; one who shows his humanity and works on the congruence of his character (authentic leadership).  We should choose a character goal of being the leader who is driven by his passion, and vision to be a catalyst for the transformation of his business (transformational leadership), a leader who dedicates himself to serving and who labors to contribute and add value to his constituents and his customers (servant leadership).

People want to follow someone that they want to follow; be someone they want to follow.

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