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Being your own boss gives you the freedom to do things your way and reap the benefits. There are many stories of entrepreneurs who start a business and get wealthy. These stories can be a reality for you. If you are dreaming of being the next Michael Dell, stop dreaming and call us, we can help you make it happen.

Starting a small business or home business can be very rewarding but very complex as well. In addition to providing your services, you must also hire, train & manage employees, maintain compliance with local government regulations and taxes, understand your competition and position your company to grow. The more time you spend on these tasks the less time you have to do what you do best. As a business startup center we can help you with many of your needed business solutions so you can focus on sales.

The Howard Group's Start Business service contains information and resources to help entrepreneurs get a business idea off the ground. Here you will find resources and tips to help you start a business, excel at marketing your new business, ideas to finance your venture, resources on complying with business licensing and permit requirements, and much more.

Planning is critical to successfully starting your small business or home business. Registered users of our site will find the tools and resources necessary to help them successfully start a business and then grow it. Some of the free information and resources featured in our website

Start Up Help Includes:
  • How to Obtain Free Publicity for your New Business
  • How to have Thousands of Reps Marketing your Product
  • Marketing with Trade Associations to Grow your Small or Home Business
  • Tips on Raising Money for your Startup Business
  • Attracting Investors or Venture Capitalist
  • How to Start a Business At Home
  • 9 Ways to Succeed at Growing Your Business on the Internet
  • Secrets to Successfully Starting your Business
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website to Grow a New Business
  • and Much More...
Start Business Tools: 
  • Free Business Evaluation 
  • Startup Checklist
  • Assessment Tool
  • Small Business Planner
  • Startup Expense Tool
  • Online Courses
  • Research Tools
The Howard Group's Business Owner's Toolkit (tm) provides small business owners an online portfolio of tactical information, news, business forms, advice, and software tools that will help you start, run and grow your new business.

Having your FREE evaluation with a business coach is a $500 value.

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