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Fundraising Ideas

Need funds to start or grow your charity organization? We may have the solution for you! Our fundraising solutions begin with simple but easy to implement fund raising events. After you have completed a few charity events and developed the fundraising team, you can move on to bigger fundraising ideas which produce $5,000-$15,000 per event. CharityNet offers easy & creative fundraising solutions to our nonprofit clients nationwide, with no upfront payment. Our goal is to help you quickly raise funds to invest in key services that will help you build credibility and awareness of your organization. This will help you with key steps to grow your nonprofit and significantly increase the success of future fundraising events. Our company specializes in helping nonprofits with key services to help you establish and set a strong foundation for future growth.

Fundraising Will Ensure Your Non-Profit's Growth

Unfortunately, many startup nonprofits do not have the funds or expertise to obtain the necessary business fundamentals such as; 501c3 IRS tax exemption, state exemption, writing a strategic plan, grant writing & foundation research, web site development, donor management,bookkeeping and more. With our help and creative fundraising ideas, we can help you find the funds to invest in these essential business fundamentals.

Our fundraising "event menu" can help you start with simple charity events that require little or no investment. These fund raising ideas can be executed quickly and provide you the funding to launch bigger and more complex fundraising events. The average revenue major fundraising events produce is between $10,000 - 20,000 or more per event.

Benefits Include:
  • No Upfront Pay Solutions
  • Start Small With No Capital
  • Dozens of Simple & Major Events
  • Plan your Calendar in Advance
  • Event Ideas, Tools & Resources
  • Free Fundraising Product
  • Free Consultation & Support
  • Local Fundraiser Network
  • Register to access to these event ideas and planning tools to launch your event or you may consider our phone support option.
A FREE evaluation with a business coach is a value of $500. 

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