That Proverbial Bus

Bus Stop at Night
Executive Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

By: Santi Chacon
Executive Coach

Damn it! where is the bus? it was supposed to have been here 48 minutes ago.  I am so freaking cold...I am gonna be so late.  If it doesn't come soon I will miss my...What am I suppose to do now!?  auhhhh!...Crap!

God help us if we don't come through victorious. 

We have done everything we could, prepared all we could, burned the midnight oil, planned our work and worked our plan to ensure we came home with the trophy, to make sure we came through victorious, to ensure we got there on time, to ensure we met the deadline, to ensure we had it finished with time to spare.

Freaking Crap! Oh! I forgot this is an interdependent world.

We are so focused on doing it right, that we no longer acknowledge all the connections that make our win possible i.e. the bus driver,  traffic, the internet connection, our business partners verbal agreement, our bank, our car etc.. After all we have done this a million times before. We take for granted the people and systems that make our goals possible, so when something for a moment becomes unpredictable or unreliable we feel the burn of frustration, resentment, anger, in other words stress. This emotion builds up in our chest begging for a release, a scream, a kick, or better yet a punch.  We grit our teeth and try to breathe in deeply but we find ourselves still waiting for that proverbial bus.  The worst thing is its' happening right here right now!

When It Comes Enjoy The Ride

It is out of your hands. It will happen or not happen independent of you. There is nothing that your worry can do. Decide not to be so attached to the outcome regardless of how painful. The pain will subside the more you focus on being the observer. Be tolerant; not in the way of grinning and bearing it, but become passive.  That moment of stress will come and for whatever reason it just will not work out this time.  It will happen or not independent of your will. Just take a deep breath understand you did everything you could have done and get on with your day.  You only live once and you will endure more stress, just release the situation and chant whatever will be, will be. Life is short, so have fun while you are here.

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