Intrapreneurial Coaching

Intrapreneurial Coaching

When our career success is a major focus; personal branding becomes the route to achieving that success. 

What is personal branding? 

 Our personal brand is the image we demonstrate to others by consistently acting out a particular set of values. A professional decides what values will be most beneficial to his taarget audience before things ever get started. The wonderful thing about branding is it can be very empowering. It allows us to have control over what others experience or percieve about the value we provide; and based on the psychological principle of 'Locus of Control' we become much happier when we feel in control.

When personal branding is applied correctly; you can increse your income, fulfillment and favor with those who have the power to propel your career forward. You will learn how to leverage your personal power to achieve all you ever wanted to accomplish in your career. Traditional thinking dictates that if people work hard they will be rewarded with challenging work, fancier job titles and higher salaries. But with the nature of business, work and jobs has changed as organizations, in many industries struggle to remain competetive. In these times of continuous change and economic challenges; new technology, foreign competition and "rightsizings" are eliminating many jobs permanently. There are less middle management positions and fewer career paths within many companies. No longer can you expect the company you work for to take care of you. You must be proactive if you are to be successful.

Resistance and procrastination can also block us from finding satisfying work. Resistance is the force that keeps us from taking positive action; choosing comfort and safety over challenge and growth. Career coaching can help you focus on results to minimize resistance and procrastination.
  • Do you have skills and abilities you are not using in your current job/career? 
  • Do you feel underemployed? 
  • Would you like to express more creativity in your work? 
  • Can you see yourself doing the same thing five or ten years from now? 
  • Do you feel burned out? 
  • Are you unfocused? 
  • Do you have conflicts with your co-workers or supervisors? 
  • Have you received poor performance reviews or been terminated from your job? 
  • Do you know what you want to do, but you don't know how to get there? 
  • Are you growing professionally and personally? 
  • Do you sometimes wonder if there is a better or a different way that you can live your life? 
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you can benefit from my Career Counsling and Coaching program.

 Benefits of Intrapreneurial Coaching
  • Gain focus and direction reduce your stress level 
  • Identify and clarify interests, skills, values and personality style 
  • Determine what career/job you really want, and the kind of lifestyle you desire 
  • Learn the skills needed to make career transitions 
  • Achieve balance; make work fit into your life instead of making life fit around your work develop a healthy lifestyle overcome the "blocks" that keep you from achieving your potential 
  • Get the courage to start that new business develop and implement a strategic plan for your career 
Make it happen! 

When looking at a new beginning in your career it's important that you understand your strengths and typeology to move forward with work that will bring fulfillment to you. Define your interests and aptitudes: Identify your personality styles - your strengths and limitations Clarify your personal values Identify areas for job performance improvement Distinctly clarify the vision you have for your career and life uncover transferrable skills

Focusing on Options 
  • Evaluate Mid-life crisis 
  • Set priorities and achieve 
  • Focus identify career burnout and stress determine a rewarding career(s) 
  • Gather information about various jobs/careers 
  • Conduct informational interviewing develop skills to make a successful career transition

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