Executive Coaching

Become A Great Leader

I partner closely with individual leaders and key stakeholders to identify behaviors that are contributing to the leader's and organization's success; as well as behaviors that are limiting their effectiveness.

There has been a paradigm shift in our leadership education; the vital question is; how can you sustain yourself in a highly competetive environment?

And how can you be more driven to excel in your leadership development and professional life?

Managers and executives have to function under intense pressure; yet the amount of developmental assistance and feedback they receive is often inversely proportionate to their level or position in the organization; the higher they rise, the more isolated they become. With the support of a coach, leaders learn the skills to guide themselves toward long-term excellence. Over the course of 6-12 months, leaders seeking development can implement a customized development plan and meet regularly with a coach to review progress toward goals, extract lessons learned and make adjustments that increase the likelihood for success.

The Process Includes:
  • Defining values
  • Self-image development
  • Defining purpose/vision
  • Implementation
  • Assessing
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership development
  • Executive strategic development
  • Management development
  • Supervisory development
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
In today's fast-paced and ever-changing work environments, individuals and teams must produce more with fewer resources. While they find themselves under intense pressure to perform, they often receive little guidance as their roles evolve. Consequently, even the relative minor problems they encounter can have a significant impact on an organization and its bottom line.

Learn the keys to: greater productivity, increased profitability, reduced customer complaints, enhanced customer service, improved quality of work, higher retention rates, improved working relationships with direct reports, more satisfying working relationships with immediate supervisor, increased job satisfaction and organizational committment, reduction in workplace conflicts and greater ability to resolve them effective working relationships with clients enhanced teamwork.

A FREE evaluation with a business coach is a $500 value.

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