Business Coaching for The Professional (8 of 17) Physical and Mental Health

Introduction to the Series

Business fundamentals have been the same since the beginning of commerce. The true fundamentals are not anything you do; as some type of technique, although 'doing' is in the nature of a professional. The real fundamentals are who you are, and who you become.

Since I'm a big fan of series, I want to introduce you to 17 principles in developing unshakable character. These principles will contribute to great professional success.

The Greatest Benefit

To receive the greatest benefit from this series: after being introduced to the character or behavioral principles, think on paper of how you can apply it in your current environment.

Don't fall into the trap of 'I already do that.' evaluate how the principle can be used more frequently in your life. The focus is 100% saturation of each principle before moving on. Aim to have congruence of character.

Sound Physical and Metal Health

To be a peak performer you need to have physical and mental stamina. To go the last mile both physically and mentally you need a regimen of healthy consumption for the body and mind. We live in a society that is inundated with information on health and peak performance. A person who wants to be at his professional best simply needs to focus on the application of behavioral principles to derive at the desired outcome.

We all know what to do for physical and mental health. The challenge is we put off doing the things that would make a difference in our health both for the mind and body. The question you should ask yourself is are you doing what you need to? Anyone can start strong the key for peak performance is to finish strong. Are you exercising both the mind and body? If your intention is to be the best than you must create a regimen to sharpen yourself both bodily and intellectually.

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