Life Coaching for Executives #6 The Great Influencer


Our self image is the great influencer. It propels us to greatness or pushes us to project. It is the control panel of our lives, in businesses and/or relationships. It's why one person might feel he can’t cook, another excels at sports, while another seems to thrive in relationships and yet another can never seem to get a date. It is the true influencer behind our success, as well as our greatest failures. It’s important that we understand the weight this has on our lives.

All our actions and motives are manipulated by our self image. It is an unconscious picture that we have of ourselves. Our self image is like a recorder that is turned on every day of our lives, recording thoughts, motives, words we say, words said to us, and everything else that comes in contact with our senses. So when we try to form a new habit, there is always an unconscious comparison going on in our mind; to whether this new habit fits with who we are, or who the self image has recorded as us. If this is not in unison with whom we are than we struggle through change, never reaching our goal for transformation.

Let’s repeat this, just so it’s understood. The self image is an internal mechanism. It records what we experience through our senses 24 hours a day. Through this unconscious recording, it dictates who we are, and what we should feel. So in reality we train it and then it demands from us, what we have programmed it to demand.

It is located in the right hemisphere of our brains. It is more influenced by pictures rather than words, emotions rather than logic, and is most influenced when we are in a state of relaxation. Our minds are goal, seeking mechanisms. They're always looking for a target from the direction we give to it, through emotions, words, association, self talk etc.

If the key to transformation is to rule our self image, how do we rule our self image?

What I may say next has reached pop culture, so you probably have heard this before, however, please don’t let it become a cliché. Work on it.

This one step will change everything, and have a tremendous effect on your self-image:

The Key to Success is to Know What You Want

It’s quite interesting to notice that most people want one thing today, than tomorrow they want something else. They try to do everything at once instead of slowing down and producing lasting change.

It’s so hard to really know what we want because we have so many options. The key is to really, really be single minded and clear and focused on one objective. If you have long term dreams, break them down than become tunnel vision on the very next step, be obsessed, and be emotional about reaching just the next step. Then do the same for the next step and so on.

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