Life Coaching for Executives #4 The Power of Intention

Don't be overtaken when you become restless in your heart and come to that very unique place in life, in your spiritual walk, in your business, or in your career where you grow faint, thinking about what you could have achieved, or what opportunities you missed or lost.

It's important that you don't focus on these types of thoughts. Just remember your greatest accomplishments and opportunities are ahead of you but, only if you choose to be clear about the outcome and believe; otherwise connect to intention, but don't do it alone.

What is Intention?

Intention is clarity of desire. When magnetized by repetition and charged emotion it drives into our existence what is intended whether consciously or unconsciously. The point being if you want to capture opportunities it is important that you start to think about bridging this gap between reality and what you have imagined. When you're finished thinking it over, think some more. Drive these thoughts deep into the subconscious mind by deep and repetitive contemplation.
  • Create the best possible plan to your destination.
  • Review your plan twice a day.
  • Create affirmations and repeat them as many times as possible.
  • Write out your affirmations daily.
  • Most important find someone you can talk to about your goals and plans.

The more you mull it over, refine your approach and take action, the more it becomes engraved in your subconscious. When it becomes a habitual way of thinking the miraculous begins to happen. All of a sudden we come in contact with individuals and resources that will push us forward.

For many this is why a personal or professional coaching relationship becomes vital. It not only gives individuals that space to foster or nurture those positive thoughts, goals, dreams, plans or intentions through discussions, insights, increased self-awareness, focus and the accountability but, provides another person to believe with them. Napoleon Hill had summarized: thought through repetition and charged emotions become a burning desire in which propel you forward to new heights.

Having your FREE evaluation with a business coach is a $500 value.

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