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The Study of Scarce Resources

Let's say you don’t want to devote the time or energy it would take to get ahead in your career, my first response would be to drop you as a client; with the understanding that you don't really want this. But, on second thought it may not be over for you. You better be creative!

The following might work if you are on a second career or have spent years refining your talents, and gathering specific industry or field expertise. This is about using your skills and knowledge to leverage or to maximize your position and time with your current employer.

I'm coaching a dear friend she craves balance in her life. She doesn't choose to give her career 110% of her energy and time, like she did in her last career because she has children. Her desire is to build leverage so that at the opportune time she can use this leverage to get from the company what she feels would be ideal for her: high pay and the freedom to work from home.

Her Background:

Lisa; a single mother, had worked in a Fortune 500 organization in the training and development department. In her career she traveled all over the country teaching and training executives at branch levels the value of marketing, customer acquisition, customer service, and customer retention among other things (a dream gig by my standards). She worked as a coach and consultant to the company's internal customers. She was a go getter when it came to serving the company's bottom line, with an expense account and all the amenities to go with it. At last she was recognized by C level management. She was going to be groomed for a leadership position. Soon a promotion was offered to be the VP of Training and Development.

Overnight Lisa begin to feel uncomfortable with her status and the time she invested at work and out of the home. Over night she felt that this life was no longer for her and desired to spend more time on her personal life. All of a sudden she begin to grow a conscious regarding her children, and top management noticed the change and no longer extended to her the privileges she grew to enjoy. Out of desperation, Lisa released herself from her commitments in order to spend time with her family; she no longer wanted to be a team player. She was soon on a down hill slide and eventually lost everything.

Was This a Waste of Potential?

I cringe at this story, God knows that there is such a thing as a graceful exit, when it comes to a change of priorities/values. Unfortunately she dared to act out her overwhelming feelings of desperation. She had invested over 16 years creating a niche for herself in doing what she loved and had a passion for and had even sat on the board of directors for several marketing firms because of the experience and knowledge she gained.

The Present

Lisa had managed within two years, of her clawing her way out of the hole she dug for herself, to get back on her feet with her priorities in tact, and now she works for a small mediocre teleconferencing company. Although the company sells a commodity service and doesn't have claim to the latest cutting edge technology it is a much more nurturing environment.

I remember looking across from the desk in my office and seeing that this professional was magical when it came to her passion for marketing and nurturing prospective client relationships. This is what she did for so long and now in her current position, a sales professional, she sells a commodity product, nothing dazzling here. The company already has a methodology for marketing to potential clients and existing customers. Some might describe this as a cookie cutter method of keeping themselves in the forefront of the prospects mind, through various marketing campaigns.

In order to create the most value, or leverage, she may need to figure out a way of marrying the two concepts direct marketing and her new sales position. If she chooses to take this challenge she may be taking a risk in the case of: she spends too much time doing things she thinks will add value, and not really making sales, because she is trying to get this process ramped up or if she is not producing results, with these concepts, it may truly be a waste of time.

However, if she does get fascinating results, she will be starting off on the right foot; her personal brand will be well known. And the reputation as being a maverick will stick with her for the rest of her career at this company. At that point, I'm certain, that all of her requests would be taken seriously. And if they were not (for any reason) I'm sure another company would take those request seriously.

How are you are marrying your experience, skills, and talent to your current position? If you want the luxuries company life can offer begin strategizing about your career work to create your niche. If you get really good at getting great results, using your skills and talents them in your prior experience, somehow; even if it's away from the conventional way of doing things you will create a place for yourself. Thinking is your competitive advantage, the great separator between you and your peers.


It's best to try your hand at this if you are certain that you can pull this off, or if you are stubborn. If this is too much of a gamble you could get into 'BIG' trouble. But, if you get results you may have a chance at playing in the big leagues.

Good Luck!

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